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NI India Academic Program

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Find resources for teaching engineering.

Learn how to incorporate NI LabVIEW in your classroom and laboratory for teaching.

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Find resources for engineering research.

Explore how to use LabVIEW in scientific computing and experimental research applications.

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Discover how to use LabVIEW for your next class assignment and student design project.

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NI Academic

National Instruments gives educators the tools to make it posssible for learn engineering experientially.

What's New

NIYANTRA 2013 - The Autonomous Embedded Systems Design Contest

NIYANTRA is an autonomous embedded systems design contest open only to engineering students which encourages you to build a complete working system within the project period available to them in their curriculum.

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LabVIEW Robotics

Teach robotic design principles with new LabVIEW Robotics

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Addressing the Engineering Grand Challenges

Discover how universities are using LabVIEW in the class and lab to address global challenges

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