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Academic Hardware

Since 1976, National Instruments industry products have been employed by more than 35,000 companies to solve some of the world’s greatest challenges. To prepare today’s students to solve tomorrow’s grand challenges, NI has developed educational hardware products that are built on the same industry-standard data acquisition (DAQ), reconfigurable I/O (RIO), and software defined radio (SDR) platforms.

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Product Feature NI myDAQ NI myRIO NI ELVIS NI USRP
NI LabVIEW Integration
NI Multisim Integration -
Programmable in C/C++ - - -
Programmable in .m Script -
Real-Time Processor - - -
Programmable FPGA - -
Educational Partner Add-Ons -
Onboard Instrumentation - -
Portable Learning -
Ready-to-Use Courseware
Connection to Host PC USB USB, WiFi USB Ethernet
Power Supply USB Powered External External External
Industry-Standard Platform NI DAQ NI RIO NI DAQ NI SDR