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Sushma Sequeira, Operations Manager India

“On Completing my graduation as an Electronics & Communication engineer, I Joined National Instruments in 2007 as an Inside Sales Representative and soon a with the right coaching and mentoring, sales was something I was very passionate about. After a further 2.5 years I decided to look at other opportunities outside of sales to help myself grow.  I joined the Operations team at NI. From then on, in terms of a typical day I don’t think I have had one yet. It is a challenging role and I have had massive amounts of learning and development opportunities which has helped  me expand my skill set.
National Instruments is more than just a company or a job for me. This is a business I believe in. It is great to see how the world is benefiting from the work we do here !! The best part of National Instruments is the people.  I work with some amazingly talented people with extraordinary passion and energy that is infectious.”


Tolgahan Susur, Application Engineer Turkey

“After graduation, I was looking for a job that I can utilize all my technical skills, develop my knowledge and broaden my vision.  When I started at NI, all my wishes come true. As an applications engineer, I develop applications in different engineering fields like signal processing, automation and image processing. In my role as an AE, I help scientists and engineers to solve their problems and help them with their projects every single day. We share our experiences and develop our visions together with NI products. Additionally, I’m always my manager always encourages me about sparing time for learning new technologies and skills.
Thanks to this dream job, my engineering knowledge is dramatically increasing from the first day I joined NI. I am so appreciated to being in that team.”

Jacques Cilliers, Application Engineer – South Africa

"Joining the National instruments team in 2010 allowed me to gain instant exposure to multiple industries and fields of study. Hardly a day goes by that I don’t learn something new or encounter new challenges. I can’t think of any other company that could provide the opportunity to work with key technologies across such numerous fields."





Leen Adnan, Inside Sales – Beirut

"As a fresh graduate, I was worried I would get stuck in a stagnant job if I didn’t choose carefully. National Instruments offered the opposite: a dynamic environment of continuous learning and growth. In every position that I have held at NI, I worked with scientists and engineers in various industries and fields to ensure their successful in solving the world’s engineering challenges. With each interaction, I learnt something new about a real-world application! As an Applications engineer, I had the opportunity to grow my technical skills, as I worked in domains not covered by my degree, such as FPGA and RF. Later, in my roles as a Sales engineer, I gained domain expertise from my varied customers, as well as business skills through my interactions with them. My favorite part about working for NI? Every single day is different."

Siddharth Rajagopal, Sales Manager – Space & Research

"I joined NI as an Applications Engineer fresh out of college, and I found myself working with some of the smartest, brightest and most astute engineers of the country. The workplace was fun, and I got to be in a peer group that was very inspiring. Every day was a new learning, and this learning continues even today, 5 years later, where my current customer facing role gives me the opportunity to interact with esteemed scientists and researchers of our country.
The management at NI is understanding and open to feedback, and every individual’s opinion counts. At a very early stage in our career, each of us is given the opportunity to shoulder huge responsibilities and be involved in key decision making processes. The exposure and magnitude of learning that one experiences so early in one’s professional life is immense, and this makes NI one of the best places to work at for someone who is driven, likes a fast paced life and enjoys technology."