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LabVIEW for Automated Test


Guides, Tutorials, Whitepapers:

Automated Test Outlook 2012

The Annual report shares our findings of research into the innovations and technologies shaping today’s test and measurement applications. 


Guide: Designing Automated Test Systems

This practical guide features recommended system architectures, real-world examples, test engineering fundamentals, and development best practices. Download

PXI technical E-Kit

Introduction to PXI, common PXI applications and incorporating standards into a hybrid test system guidelines bundled together.


RF and Microwave Testing Resource Kit

Download tutorials and example programs to help you with your RF test system creation.


Hardware in the Loop Testing Resource Kit

Download tutorials, guides and other resources to help you with your HIL test system creation. 


Whitepaper: Broadening Test Coverage With Test Automation and Automated Test-Case Generation

Learn how to improve test coverageand overall test time to esure lower time to market. Read

FPGA Enhancements to Automated Test Applications

Of the 4 basic test methods that can be enhanced with FPGA technology, while any single application may include some of these methods, FPGAs provide distinct benefits for each. Read

Advisor: Build your own PXI System

With the help of Advisors, you can interactively enter your requirements, select from different options, and automatically generate a valid system. Configure Now

Guide: Software-Defined Test Fundamentals

This fundamentals guide provides references for building high-performance test systems based on  real-world examples.






Automated Test Outlook 2012

The Annual report shares our findings of research into the innovations and technologies shaping today’s test and measurement applications. See top trends for the AT industry.


AT Brochure

Automated Test Product Brochure

Companies around the world have relied on NI products and services to build sophisticated automated test and measurement systems.


RF Brochure

RF and Wireless Test Brochure

Get introduced to the software-defined RF instrumentation from NI that allows you to define the functions of your RF instrument systems.


Milaero solutions

NI Solutions for Defense and Aerospace

Read worldwide solutions from our 30+ years of experience working with the Defense and aerospace industry.







Build an ATE from Scratch

Join test industry professionals for an online conference and exhibition detailing today's best practices in automated test systems design. 


Dr. Truchard

Convergence of Design and Test

Listen as Dr. Truchard discusses how companies need to adopt an investment strategy that gives design and test engineers comparable capabilities. View


Incorporating New Measurements into a Test System

This video details best practices to ensure smooth integration of new measurements into your existing system. View

Test Component Re-use Demonstration

Demos to show you how test component reuse improves the quality and efficiency of your embedded software development process.


Military and Aerospace Webcast Series

Custom build your learning experience during this seven-part webcast series as NI walks through the most advanced technologies for applications in military and aerospace. View

RF Webcast Series

RF Fundamentals Series

Explore the 7 part RF measurement webcasts to learn the fundamentals of making and optimizing RF measurements. Topics include GPS, MIMO, LTE and Cellular PA Test.


PXIe 5665

NI PXIe-5665 – The Highest Performance VSA Now in PXI

See how the NI PXIe-5665 vector signal analyzer provides best-in-class accuracy and test speed for automated test environments.


RF Measurement Speed Comparison: PXI vs. Rack-and-Stack

Learn how PXI test equipments achieve measurement times 5-10X faster than traditional rack-and-stack instruments. View

Protocol Aware Test

Developing Protocol-Aware Test Systems

This webcast focusses on electrical, or protocol-aware, test to examine open - loop test challenges that demand a real-time, closed-loop solution. View

Ideal Test Systems for the Automotive Industry

This video discusses the characteristics of ideal test systems in the automotive industry.





Case Studies:


Using LabVIEW, PXI, and SCXI to Develop Automatic Test Equipment for Helicopter Gear Boxes

"The system has improved accuracy, repeatability, and consistency of test results. It greatly reduces the fatigue of test operators and reduces operator error that may lead to catastrophic failure."- M G. Sathyan, HAL.

Automating Blu-ray Disc Player Video and Audio Testing Using LabVIEW and PXI

"To develop a more flexible and reliable testing system, we based our system design on NI PXI hardware and LabVIEW graphical programming software, which shortened the programming development time." - Koh Chee Lit, Sony EMCS 

NASA Uses NI LabVIEW to Save Time, Reduce Costs in Automated Testing of Microshutters

"This new technology promises datasets unimaginable with today’s sensors but requires proven lifetime longevity."- David McAndrew, Mink Hollow Systems 

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LabVIEW for Automated Test:

LV Download

Download LabVIEW

Get references for building high-performance test systems including a five-layer test system architecture and a comparison of data buses..

 Download you trial version

Test Fundamentals

Software-Defined Test Fundamentals

See references for building high-performance test systems including a five-layer test system architecture and a comparison of data buses etc.



Developing a Modular Test Software Architecture With NI TestStand And LabVIEW

Optimize your test systems with NI LabVIEW and TestStand.

 Read the Tutorial

An Overview of Software Engineering with LabVIEW

Take advantage of code analyzers and unit test frameworks to demonstrate the quality of graphical code and automate processes. Read

Test Challenges

Software-Defined Instrumentation: Tips from a Systems Integrator

Discover the top five things all engineers should know when creating a test system with software-defined instrumentation. View Webcast

DevSuite Advisor

NI LabVIEW Suites

Check out the NI LabVIEW Suites, which can help you customize a software solution with add-ons specific to your application with discounts up to 74%.

 View LabVIEW Suites



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