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LabVIEW for Embedded Control and Monitoring


Guides, Tutorials, Whitepapers:

Embedded Systems Outlook 2013

Learn about some of the most pressing trends and challenges facing design teams building embedded control and monitoring systems. 


Guide: Designing Automated Test Systems

The NI CompactRIO Developers Guide provides an overview of recommended architectures and development practices when programming NI cRIO controllers. Download

Build vs. Buy - Understanding the Total Cost of Embedded Design

This paper discusses the benefits and drawbacks of both a traditional custom design approach and off-the-shelf embedded tools. Download pdf

Machine Design Resource Kit

Download the resource kit for webcasts, tutorials, and how-to demonstrations on NI hardware and software tools for machine design.


Power Quality Monitoring Resource Kit

In this resource kit, you can find tutorials, webcasts, and other resources that demonstrate why you should use NI tools for your next power monitoring application. Download

The Future of Machines: Self-Aware Control Systems

See how machine builders can integrate the next generation of machines into their control systems.

Read Tutorial

Machine Condition Monitoring Resource Kit

Download resources to explore why machine monitoring is important for increasing the life of your machinery and efficiency of your plant.


Overview of the LabVIEW Robotics Module

The new LabVIEW Robotics Module includes all of the software tools needed to design a sophisticated autonomous or semi-autonomous system. Learn More

Embedded Control Resource Kit

The kit provides tutorials that show you how to implement advanced control algorithms using NI software and hardware platforms.


Advisor: Build your own CompactRIO System

With the help of Advisors, you can interactively enter your requirements, select from different options, and automatically generate a valid system. Configure Now





Embedded Control and Monitoring Brochure

NI helps develop embedded systems for demanding applications in industries such as energy, industrial control, life sciences, and transportation. Download

NI CompactRIO Flyer

This CompactRIO flyer introduces the benefits of using NI CompactRIO and provides a list of specifications of the C Series Modular I/O for CompactRIO for your perusal.


Automotive Solutions Brochure

National Instruments tools save time and money across all stages of the automotive engineering process by providing a common platform for control, design, and test. Download

NI Motion Control Flyer

NI motion control is an ideal solution for tightly integrating motion with machine vision and sensor I/O in measurement, control, and test solutions.






Introduction to NI PAC Technology

Learn how NI PAC technology can help you optimize an existing automation system with advanced measurements & enhancing the functionality of your PLC-based control system. View

Smart Machine Webcast Series

Learn how you can maximize production quality through performance measurements and lower the energy consumption of your next design. View

Embedded Vision System Guided Tour

Watch this webcast to learn about the new real-time Embedded Vision System.

View webcast

Medical Device Webcast Series

Examine the medical device life cycle and how you can use the NI graphical system design platform to design, prototype, and deploy, improving quality and reducing time to market. View

Machine Condition Monitoring Webcast Series

Watch this 3 part series to learn about the future of condition monitoring and how engineers are implementing these systems. View

Smart Grid Webcast Series

This three-part webcast series focusses on the fast-changing world of clean energy, smart grid and energy storage technologies.


Build or Buy? Answering the First Question of Designing Embedded Products

This webcast will study the benefits and challenges associated with both approaches from a technical and business perspective. View

Getting It Right the First Time: Modeling and Simulation for Automotive ECU Design

Learn about the elements of modeling and simulation - plant, signal delivery, and functional or algorithm models. 


Building Low-Cost, Industrial Machine Control Systems with CompactRIO

This webcast provides tips and tricks for creating rugged, reliable, and low-cost machine control systems using NI CompactRIO. View

The Top Three Prototyping Challenges in Robotics

Learn more about integrating with sensors and actuators, implementing autonomy, and deploying deterministic control algorithms to embedded hardware. View




Case Studies:

Developing Automatic Meter Reading Systems for Substations in India With NI LabVIEW and CompactRIO

"We developed a flexible substation AMR system and a GPRS communication interface to collect data from the remote substation metering device." - Jaswinder Singh, NexGEN Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.

Using LabVIEW and CompactRIO to Create a Liver Dialysis Prototype Authorized for Clinical Trials in Germany

"The combination of LabVIEW and CompactRIO hardware significantly contributed to the deployment success of the prototype of our innovative liver dialysis therapy. Using NI technologies helped us deliver the first system within just seven months." - Holger Chab, Hepa Wash GmbH

NI Tools Keep Ford at the Forefront of Innovation

"Ford has a long history with NI, and we have used LabVIEW to develop various aspects of every fuel cell electric vehicle that we produce and to successfully design and implement a real-time embedded control system for an automotive FCS." - Kurt D. Osborne, Ford Motor Company 

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LabVIEW for Embedded Control and Monitoring:

LV Download

Download LabVIEW

Get references for building high-performance test systems including a five-layer test system architecture and a comparison of data buses..

 Download you trial version

Graphical Design Platforms for Embedded Systems

This webcasts explore the importance of timing and concurrency and how actor-oriented languages present inherent benefits for the design of embedded systems. Watch

Remote Application Control and Monitoring

Learn how to easily create remote system monitoring and control applications with National Instruments LabVIEW software.


NI LabVIEW Tech Webcast: Harness FPGA Technology

Join this interactive introductory webcast to find out how you can leverage the power of FPGA hardware in your application.


Using LabVIEW RT and FPGA for Embedded Condition Monitoring and Machine Protection

This webcast covers the development process of a real-time.

View Webcast

DevSuite Advisor

NI LabVIEW Suites

Check out the NI LabVIEW Suites, which can help you customize a software solution with add-ons specific to your application with discounts up to 74%.

 View LabVIEW Suites



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