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Indian Defense and Aerospace Symposium 2014

Indian Defense and Aerospace Symposium 2014

Track 2 - Prototyping & Validation of EW Systems

Today’s EW systems are progressing more and more towards sophisticated system of systems. This session will feature a keynote delivered by experienced defense scientists about the trends and future of EW systems in Indian scenario, challenges in validation, and efficient methods for implementation etc. The idea of a unified platform based approach for efficiently prototyping, validating and testing EW systems will be discussed. Generic and efficient architectures for realizing ‘system-in-the-loop’ simulators for sub-system validation will also be discussed


  • Keynote (10.00 to 10.45)
  • Rapid Prototyping of EW Systems (10.45 to 11.30)
  • Efficient Architectures for ‘system-in-the-loop’ Testing (11.45 - 12.30)

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