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Nurture Innovation. Empower India.

 At National Instruments we believe the greatest opportunity we have to improve the quality of life in our world is by contributing to a more technically literate society.

-  Jeff Kodosky, Father of LabVIEW.



Innovation and engineering are 2 key factors which hold the key to solving the world’s problems. In India, the solution to the real world problems will come from the masses. However, limited access to technology and non-affordability makes the innovation just a thought. As responsible citizens of the country, we at NI India understand the impact that LabVIEW can have in improving everyday life. Keeping this in mind, Indian prices of LabVIEW are independent of the global strategy and tailor made for India. 


NI India SME Benefit Program:

NI India’s SME Benefit Program is a unique approach to help the SMEs in India to achieve economic prosperity through access to technology and affordability. Under this program, we offer flexible pricing options for NI LabVIEW and also build competency in them with training and support programs. Over 125 Indian and medium Indian enterprises have taken advantage of the NI SME Benefit program so far. If you represent an SME, find out more about how the NI India SME Benefit program can assist you by talking to our technical experts.


Highlights of the NI India SME Benefit Program:

·         Providing access to LabVIEW

·         Increase affordability with flexible pricing options

·         Build competency with training and support programs

·         Already assisting over 125 SME’s in India.


Training programs for India:

With a view to serve the training requirements of the Indian engineer, NI India has segmented training courses to suit 4 different user groups:

·         Individuals

·         Corporate

·         Students

·         Training membership

Course content and pricing of these courses has been set appropriately to meet the specific demands of these 4 segments. Talk to our technical representatives to find out more about these specially priced LabVIEW Core 1 and LabVIEW Core 2 courses.



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