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Experience NIDays.

NIDays brings to you some of the best sessions from NIWeek.

Five categories of sessions cover the latest updates on NI Technology.


19 November, 2015 | 9AM to 5PM

The Leela Palace Bangalore

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A Discussion About the Future of LabVIEW

LabVIEW has helped engineers to make a marked improvement to their everyday productivity in terms of automating test, measurement and control systems. In this session, see how the latest version of this tool - LabVIEW 2015 significantly improves your application performance. Also, grab the opportunity to explore the roadmap of how LabVIEW would evolve over the next few years.

11 Great Features of LabVIEW that You May Not Have Known!

A few LabVIEW developers stand out from others as great programmers because of certain good practices and tricks to enhance every VI that they develop. These tricks and practices could be for building VIs faster, improving efficiency, enhancing appearance and much more. Let’s discuss some of these features in LabVIEW that will enhance your graphical programming skills.

Tutorial: Step by Step Guide to Building Embedded Systems with LabVIEW

Have you used LabVIEW for your desktop and want to learn embedded hardware programming with LabVIEW? In this tutorial, you can learn how you can use LabVIEW to program Real-time targets, FPGAs and I/O present on NI CompactRIO. With a step-by-step tutorial approach, concepts like target detection, I/O configuration, programming modes, DMA, deployment etc. will be covered.

How can Modular Instruments Reduce the Cost of Test?

Learn about PXI, a proven modular instrumentation platform that can keep up with your growing test, measurement, and control needs. We will discuss the test approach and architecture for reducing overall test cost and time to market as a result of standardizing on PXI platform.


Five Ways to Customize Your FPGA Based Test & Measurement System

Engineers use software-designed (FPGA based) instruments to reduce test time, increase test throughput, overcome obsolescence challenges, and perform innovative tests. This session will focus on key software approaches for developing FPGA code on these Instruments. Buckle up for details and demonstrations of the approaches to see how a programmable FPGA can be used for developing unique test cases.

Tutorial: Step by Step Guide to Building Your Own Customized Test System

Creating an automated test executive and test code modules can be difficult when building them from scratch. NI provides building blocks in LabVIEW and TestStand that you can use to create more powerful systems more easily. See a step by step procedure of how to build an automated functional electronic test system live with real test cases and DUT.

Tutorial: Closed-Loop Control and Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) Test With VeriStand

VeriStand is a software environment for configuring real-time testing applications such as hardware-in-the-loop testing for embedded software verification and test cell control and monitoring of mechanical systems. In this session, you will learn how to use VeriStand to integrate simulation models with I/O devices and perform rapid control prototyping along with test automation.


Semiconductor Test System - Cost Effective Solution to Semicon Validation & Test

NI Semiconductor Test System (STS) delivers the openness and flexibility of the NI PXI platform to the semiconductor production environment. For easy integration into production test cells, STS has features such as handler/prober integration, spring probe device under test interfacing, STDF data reporting, and system calibration. This session outlines the key features of STS including overall software architecture.


New Hardware Technologies for Data Acquisition - Architectures & Applications

Whether your application involves taking voltage measurements, a dozen sensor measurements or even a hundred synchronized measurements, NI is constantly developing new technologies and products that help you meet application requirements. This session will introduce applications use cases and product lines for engineers less familiar with the NI platform and a glimpse into the future of NI DAQ offerings.

Practical Advice for Ensuring Accurate Electrical Measurements

Every physical system component increases signal error, noise, and uncertainty. Thankfully, you have many established techniques for minimizing your DAQ system's exposure to these predigitization errors. At this session, hear best practices for shielding, gain, noise reduction, grounding, isolation and connectivity that help increase the accuracy of your measurement.

Tutorial: Some Advanced DAQmx Features for Customizing Your Measurements

From high-speed file I/O frameworks to custom analog clocking, hear from the Data Acquisition experts about some powerful yet little known features of NI Data acquisition driver software and NI DAQ timing chip. These features include NI-DAQmx features and property nodes that can be used for advanced DAQ applications. 

Efficient Architectures for RF Design & Test

AWR VSS and Microwave Office are used for RF circuit design, layout & simulation. NI RF Signal Generators, Spectrum & Network Analyzers based on PXI platform are used for RF measurements. Use these tools to help design & test teams share IPs and test cases resulting in a shortened development cycle. Learn concepts like Co-simulation, Model extraction, Phase-coherent generation & analysis.

RFIC Test - Cellular, WLAN, and Bluetooth Test Using the NI Wireless Test System

With the Internet of Things, requirements for fast, precise, and cost-effective RF test of cellular and connectivity modules are continually increasing. NI Wireless Test System (WTS) addresses test requirements and challenges of high-volume manufacturers of cellular and wireless connectivity devices.  Learn more about the WTS architecture and how to create solutions based on the WTS.

Application Areas & Case Studies in Aerospace & Defense

NI is a leading supplier of test, measurement, and control systems for aerospace, defense, and government entities. The focus of this session is on the latest advancements in technology which enables Aerospace & Defense engineers and scientists develop more reliable, powerful and field deployable systems indigenously.

Tutorial: Build Your Own Communication System using Software Defined Radio

The fundamental piece to understand an SDR is to know how any RF signal can be depicted as an IQ representation. This tutorial gives an overview of concepts like (1) Architectures for Software Defined Radio (2) IQ Representation of any RF Signal (3) Representing various Analog & Digital modulation schemes using IQ Modulator & (4) Example use cases of SDR for Wireless Research


What is FPGA? Need an FPGA in your Embedded Control & Automation System?

FPGA is a powerful embedded technology for precise control and high speed processing. It is a reconfigurable array of programmable blocks used for building highly reliable and deterministic control systems. With compelling examples & demos, this session answers questions like: What is FPGA? How to decide whether to use an FPGA in your embedded system?

Designing Efficient Hardware & Software Architecture for Embedded Applications

Developing software for embedded applications is challenging; the business logic for these systems is rarely simple. However, the real challenge is in processes like connecting logic to I/O, integrating applications into existing systems, and ensuring that applications runs properly for years at a time. Learn how good H/W & S/W architectures address these issues and review different architecture options.

Challenges in Design & Validation of Embedded Systems for 'Industrial' IoT

Developing a reliable custom embedded solution for 'Industrial' Internet of Things (IIoT) requires expertise, time, effort, and validation. Furthermore, making the solution future-proof, field-worthy, and scalable is very essential. Learn how a platform based approach helps implement embedded systems for IIoT. Also, get a glimpse of the validation & testing done by NI R&D in developing these platforms.