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NI Engineering Impact Awards 2016




Systems Category


Winner: Mr. M.J. Augustin

Application Name: Design and Development of structural health monitoring system comprising of SyncVIEW, DiagnoseVIEW, QuickVIEW© for aircraft composite structures

Company: NAL

Runner-Up: Ms. Sarita Bhat

Application Name: Intelligent Laser Matrix Optical Coupling System (ILMOCS) for Optical Assembly

Company: BARCO




Alliance Partner Category


Winner: Mr. Praveen Kumar N

Application Name: Location of Bullet on a Target System using cRIO

Company: Captronic Systems


Runner-Up: Mr. Krishnan Ramabadran

Application Name: High-speed machine vision system for fruit grading

Company: Zentron



Academics Category Category


Winner: Dr.K.H.Phani shree (Ms.)

Application Name : Closed Loop control of three phase inverter voltage using LabVIEW FPGA and cRIO

Company : JNTU


Runner-Up: Dr. Sandeep Kumar Yadav (Mr.)

Application Name: Development of Algorithm for Blind Signal Modulation Detection

Company: Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur