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NIYANTRA 2015 - The annual Graphical System Design contest


Abstract Submission Guidelines

  • The teams will be able to submit their abstract during April 15th 2015 – June 30th 2015 by visiting


  • The abstract submission will be done through a form with multiple fields. The teams will have to complete the abstract submission by filling up all of these fields. This form will only be available during April 15th 2015 – June 30th 2015.


  • Other than team members, college and faculty guide details, the teams will be expected to provide the following information in the form

*Problem statement
(In not more than 200 words, define what you are planning to achieve in your project. i.e. what engineering problem will you be solving through your project, significance of the project, motivation behind the project etc.)

(In not more than 300 words, describe your approach towards solving the problem, novelty involved, stages of development, challenges that you expect, technology that you will be using etc. )

*Will your final project be a simulation? Yes/No
(Instead of using real world signals such as temperature, pressure, sound etc, will you be simulating these parameters in software? If you plan to conclude your project with simulation only and without real world deployment, choose ‘Yes’ from the options below. If you plan to proceed ahead and implement a real world system, choose ‘No’.)

*Is your project going to be a stand-alone embedded system? Yes/No
If yes, what will be your deployment platform? __________________
(To answer this question consider if you are planning to deploy your entire application on an embedded platform (such as Microcontroller, microprocessor, FPGA)



  • No abstracts will be accepted through e-mail. Any team submitting an abstract other than the designated form will be disqualified.


  • Only one abstract per team is allowed.


Thank you for submitting your Abstracts. Evaluation is on and shortlist will be out soon. All the best !