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NIYANTRA 2014 - The annual Graphical System Design contest


Meet the winners of NIYANTRA 2013


Winner : Autonomous Surface Monitoring Robot

University Institute of Engineering & Technology, Chandigarh

The Autonomous Surface Monitoring Robot(ASMR) is an autonomous machine to conduct survey of a land or to examine soil characteristics of an area without any human effort. The robot collects the data and saves it as an array which can be further employed to study the characteristics of the soil.

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Runners-Up : LabVIEW Based Farm Automation Using Android

Sona College of Technology, Salem

The project proposes a remote controlled robot equipped with a robotic arm and a camera, whose operation will be controlled by an android application (Data Dashboard) or remote Front panel through labVIEW to make easier the task of the farmer by using the various tools of the robot.

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