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Open Source Software Defined Radio Workshops (OSSDR) - Speakers

Open Source Software Defined Radio Workshops (OSSDR) - Speakers
We are happy to invite you to join us at an Open Source Software Defined Radio workshop utilizing the Ettus Research USRP software defined radio system and open source tool chains. The OSSDR Workshop, features a full schedule of talks and demonstrations designed to take you from introduction of SDR concepts to implementation on a USRP SDR platform.
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Karamvir Singh Rathi

Karamvir Singh Rathi

Karamvir Rathi is the Key Account Manager for Software Defined Radio product portfolio with National Instruments, Austin, USA. Prior to that, he has worked in 5G network research and prototyping for European Union FP7 CROWD project – “Connectivity management for eneRgy Optimized Wireless Dense networks” and Product management for National Instrument, Dresden, Germany.

Before Joining NI, Karamvir Rathi has worked with Telefonica O2, Munich, Germany focusing on designing & Implementation of Test suites for GSM, UMTS and LTE core networks in TTCN-3. He also did research work on LTE eNodeB layer 2 profiling framework with Novel Mobile Radio Research, Munich, Germany. Karamvir Rathi received his Masters of Engineering from University of Applied Sciences, Rosenheim, Germany and Bachelors of Technology in Electronics and communication from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi, India.


Neel Pandeya

Neel Pandeya is a Senior Software Engineer and manager of the Technical Support group at Ettus Research, a National Instruments Company, in Santa Clara, California. His background and interests are in open-source software development, kernel and embedded software, wireless and cellular communications, DSP, and SDR. Prior to joining Ettus Research in 2014, Pandeya, worked at several wireless start-up and mid-sized companies, such as Range Networks, Draper Laboratory, and Texas Instruments. Pandeya holds a bachelor’s in electrical engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and a masters in electrical engineering from Northeastern University.


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