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Advantages of Open Software & Modular Hardware

A wide range of systems and applications incorporate RF, microwave and wireless devices and signals, so advancing your fundamental knowledge is important for mastering many of today's test and measurement applications.

This set of RF, communications and wireless tutorials provides you with essential information about analog and digital modulation, I/Q data, RF and microwave specifications, and performing spectral measurements.


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This resource kit includes the tutorials on Introduction to RF & Wireless Communications Systems, RF and Microwave Spectral Analysis, Analog Modulation Fundamentals, Digital Modulation Fundamentals, Communication System Fundamentals, Modulation Measurement Fundamentals, Understanding RF & Microwave Specifications, Spectrum Analysis Fundamentals.



Redefining RF and Microwave Instrumentation Through Open Software and Modular Hardware

National Instruments uses multicore processors, user-programmable FPGAs, the high-throughput PCI Express system bus in PXI, and LabVIEW graphical system design software to address the business and technology challenges of high-frequency test and measurement. Tailored software and flexible hardware address a wide range of test needs including WLAN, GPS, WiMAX, MIMO, ZigBee, and RFID. This software-designed approach delivers the powerful and cost-reducing wireless test systems that engineers have come to rely on from National Instruments.


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