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Sensor Measurement Fundamentals Webinar Series

Learn the Basics of Common Sensor and Signal Measurements

Watch these introductory webinars to learn the fundamentals of a particular measurement application, from theory to practice.


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This six-part, interactive webinar series covers the basics for common sensor and signal measurements. Each session provides an overview of how specific sensors work, how to take measurements with those sensors, and how to reduce potential sources of error in your system. Experts will be on hand to answer your questions in real time.

The series is intended for engineers, scientists, and technicians who need to acquire accurate measurements as part of their test, monitoring, or control systems.


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>> Please note that all the timings are in Indian Standard Time (IST).

Tuesday May 24, 2016

Introduction to Data Acquisition

Making data-based decisions is crucial for success in industry applications, and to do so, you need the right data acquisition system. This webinar will introduce the concept of data acquisition and make you comfortable with the terminology used when doing sensor measurements.

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Voltage, Current, and Power Measurements

Explore the fundamentals of creating AC/DC voltage, current, and power quality/monitoring measurement systems. Watch a demonstration, review instrumentation considerations, and cover methods for reducing potential sources of error.

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Wednesday May 25, 2016

Temperature Measurements

Review considerations for taking temperature measurements using thermocouples, resistance temperature detectors, or thermistors. Learn about sensor basics, how to connect sensors to your instruments, the importance of signal conditioning requirements, and how to reduce errors in your measurement system.

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Strain Measurements

Strain gauge and load cells are used heavily for strain measurements in the industry. Learn how to interface them with a PC and make your own strain measurement system.

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Thursday May 26, 2016

Pressure, Load and Torque Measurements

Measuring the load/pressure or torque is essential to test a system. Learn how to interface and configure various sensors such as a bridge to measure these parameters.

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Sound and Vibration Measurements

Acoustic sensors such as microphones and vibration sensors such as accelerometers are used for a lot of applications such as condition monitoring. Watch this webinar to learn how to measure sound and vibration signals from these sensors..

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Thursday May 27, 2016

Interfacing Digital Sensors

This tutorial covers architectures for interfacing digital sensors such as I2C, SPI, serial (Modbus), etc.

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Linear and Rotary Measurements

Learn how to interface linear and rotary sensors such as LVDT, RVDT, encoder etc. to make displacement and angular measurements.

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>> Please note that all the timings are in Indian Standard Time (IST).