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Webcast Wednesday | Every Wednesday | 4:00 PM to 4:30 PM IST

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Webcast Wednesday FAQ List


Read below to answer your Webcast Wednesday queries. Still got questions? Write to us:


1. Do I have to pay for Webcast Wednesday?

No, this is a free initiative brought to you by National Instruments India. All you invest is 30 minutes of your time weekly.


2. How do I register?

Seats are limited and you have been warned. Click here now to register and fill out a simple form. Use the personal confirmation link to join us every week.


3. Do I have to download a special software to be able to login?

Yes, you can download the small applet by clicking here now or install it when you first login.


4. When and where is Webcast Wednesday held?

Every Wednesday (!) from 4 pm to 4:30 pm IST, you can login to Webcast Wednesday online from the convenience of your home, office, college, workstation, just about anywhere you have internet access and a computer.


5. I'm usually busy at 4 PM on Wednesdays due to work/college/poor memory. Can I still attend?

This time works best for most of the 5000+ registered users. We are putting into place a reliable system which lets us archive the webcast for a period of at least one week. You will automatically receive a link in your inbox each week when we have got that system ready. Sorry for the inconvenience.


6. I tried logging in but my office/college has blocked this site/service. What can I do?

How dare they! Never mind, just visit this link and it will help your IT team to add this software to your network. Easy. If you need permission to get this done, just write to us at and we'll send an official letter requesting that permission be granted. We really are that nice!


7. I really want to attend it live! Give me more reasons to make up my mind?

Definitely. For starters, you get to ask our experts your queries live else you have to email (and good luck with that). You also get to participate in the VI Contest of the week and qualify for the free CLAD on 20 sessions only if you attend live.


8. Got it! I attended a session today and couldn't hear the presenter properly. What can I do?

It was most likely due to a slow internet connection (below 256kbps). If you have trouble listening in, we have a toll free number which you can dial from your mobile or landline:Toll free number: 1800 425 4061Pin: 779139# (hash key)


9. I am a beginer. Today's topic was a little advanced. Should i continue to attend?

Most definitely. Our experts take care in maintaining a balance of topics for all levels of LabVIEW users right from beginers to experts. Stick around for a few months and you'll be quite the expert yourself. It also helps if you have LabVIEW running on your system simultaneously so you can follow the presenter. Download LabVIEW here if you do not have it yet.


10. I missed a session last week? Will i understand today's session?

We tackle one new topic each week and so do not worry about today's session. You should have received an email with a link to watch the session you missed. You should watch it now.


11. I am a LabVIEW God/Guru/Champion. Is Webcast Wednesday really for me?

You should be a presenter then! Write to us at and we'll schedule a session for you, professor.


12. Will you really give a free CLAD attempt if I attend 20 session? It sounds too good to be true.

Yes. Promise. Just ask any of the 150+ attendees who have already qualified. We'll keep track of your attendance though :)


13. How do I know when I finish 20 sessions?

You could have a calendar setup counting down to D-Day or we will contact you when you cross 20.


14. What is the VI Contest of the Week? How can I take part?

To encourage you all to start programming with LabVIEW, we run a contest each week where we give a problem statement and you develop a VI and stand to win a prize if its the best we receive. Send us your VIs:


15. I won the VI Contest of the Week sometime ago. I also wrote to you guys but i still haven't received my gift! Why are you doing this to me?!

Er.. Sorry about that. It seems we have to check our gift department again! We'll get onto it now.


16. These are a lot of questions! Is this list much longer?

Just a few questions to go. We did not want to leave you wanting more information.


17. Does Webcast Wednesday have a theme?

Yes! it's 'Thank God it's Wednesday!'.


18. Ok. Can I propose a topic for you all to cover one week?

We'd love that. Write your suggestions to us at


19. How many times is the word Wednesday repeated on this page?!

Seventeen times! 18 including the image on top. We checked! 


20. I asked 20 questions. Do I get a free CLAD?

No. That is just for attending 20 sessions. 


Hope to see you every Wednesday! 



What's on LabVIEW E.N.A.B.L.E.D ?

Apart from the live online interaction during the webcast, an extended discussion and a contest on the topic will be carried out for an entire week by the presenter on LabVIEW E.N.A.B.L.E.D - the NI India Community.

Watch the previous episodes of Webcast Wednesday, get you queries from the sessions & LabVIEW resolved & participate in weekly contests to win upto 50 % discount on National Instruments Certification Examinations. Attend 20 sessions to win a free CLAD attempt.

Missed a Session ?

Find the recordings of all the previous sessions archived at LabVIEW E.N.A.B.L.E.D - The NI India Community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Participate & Win

Participate in weekly contests to win upto 50 % discount on NI Certification Examinations. Attend 20 sessions to win a free CLAD attempt.

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